Thursday, December 4, 2014

How not to get hacked

The article "How not to get hacked" appears in entirety on CNN Money. I've recreated it in bullet form and added some embellishments.

This article is a good reminder of the basic security protections you need to have in place, especially as we begin the holiday shopping season. OK, you probably already started... So review these tips!

  • Don't be stupid. Avoid bad links, don't visit questionable Web sites, don't fall for phishing scams, and don't download from unknown sources.
  • Use different/smarter passwords (help with that?).
  • Be careful what you store.
  • Use protection, including antivirus software, secure connections (HTTPS), and two-factor authentication (2FA) where possible.
  • Keep your software updated.

These tips are not a 100 percent complete list of everything you need to do, but it gets most of them right.

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